Split Week 19-25 Oct

Welcome to ‘Split Week’ at The Old Dub Shop were we are taking this ‘barn find’ 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen and with the help of some great people and businesses in the industry we are going to turn it around and get it back on the road in just six days! Welcome to the #SplitWeekChallenge
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#1 – Split Week – Coming soon…

Here is the bus and just some of the parts we’ve been collecting ready to transform it!

#2 – Split Week – New Sponsor!

Great news, we’ve got a new sponsor onboard!

#3 – How much paint?

Spence takes a closer look at the paintwork to try and see just how many layers of paint are on this bus…

#4 – New metal is here!

At some point someone thought it was a good idea to cut out the front and silicone it back in…

#5 – New beam is here!

The new beam for the bus has arrived and its a 4″ narrowed one from creative engineering.